ACES Handbook


Leave Your Mark, Serve and Shine!

Mission: Purdue Global’s Service Learning mission is to connect students with their broader communities, fostering relationships and instilling a sense of commitment to community engagement and service learning. 

Your Path to Recognition: Discover how ACES recognition enhances your journey as a Purdue Global student. From coursework and clubs to community engagement, ACES enriches your experience and amplifies your academic and personal growth.

Guidelines for Success: ACES Policies and More Delve into the guidelines for approval of ACES recognition, rubrics, award levels, and submission schedules. Learn how to document your hours and navigate the review process. Together, we ensure a culture of service learning thrives at Purdue Global.

Earning ACES: Explore the activities that earn you ACES recognition and learn about the application process. From written reflections to video creation, we provide the roadmap for showcasing your dedication to service and community.

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